Quirky Groomsmen at Newhall Mansion Wedding
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Quirky Groomsmen at Newhall Mansion Wedding

I photographed this group of groomsmen at Newhall Mansion in Piru in the spring of 2014. 

Although the groomsmen were pretty reserved, the groom was up for anything. The origins of this wedding photograph were based on my idea that I wanted to feature the trees and mountains that are such a big part of the beautiful landscape at this property. After I captured a traditional groomsmen portrait, I had them all face the camera look at me stoically. Then I had them look at me and smile. I should mention that I don't ask my subjects to smile at the camera — at least not usually. I found that when you take that approach, that you don't typically get a natural smile from folks. And so I often crack a joke or make a self-deprecating comment in order to get a natural response. Anyway, my direction here was quite simple. I asked the group for their crazy face. As you can see, I was mostly successful except for the single groomsman who wasn't very committed to the process. However, I'm actually quite happy with his lack of commitment, because it makes this wedding photo all the more real and believable.

Is a bit of history, the town of Piru was founded in 1887 by a wealthy publisher of Sunday school supplies. This wedding venue, known as the Piru Mansion or Newhall Mansion was built in 1890 by that same publisher. However, the building you see there today burned to the ground in 1981 after a spark from a painters blowtorch caused a disaster. The house was rebuilt based on plans created from old photographs, and the new mansion was completed in 1983. In 2012, the Newhall Mansion was converted into an event venue for weddings and other occasions. Newhall Mansion is located in Piru, California.

Location: 829 Park St, Piru, CA 93040.

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