Quirky Portrait of Malibu Couple at Villa Del Leon
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Quirky Portrait of Malibu Couple at Villa Del Leon

This quirky Pacific Palisades couple was such a joy to work with on their wedding day. I did several things in order to make this photograph happen. First of all I open the door as it was so intricate and featured such an interesting color. That brought the door into the frame. Then I rolled up the round carpet that was on the floor in order to reveal the fine wood flooring. Finally I positioned the bride and the groom on the edge of the short sofa and had them both sit very erect. Then I asked the bride to hold her bouquet of vertically in the same manner as was seen in the famous painting American Gothic. What I enjoy most about the photo is the symmetry of the scene but also the disharmony's of the door on the left and the single framed painting on the far right panel. This room is round and the windows overlook both the Pacific Ocean and the Getty Villa. The light that came into this room is also really incredible as you can see from this image. The only thing that was imperfect about this location was the fact that they got quite hot with all the windows. I'm not sure if the room even had air conditioning, but in any event it's not a room that I would want to spend a significant amount of time and on a hot summer day. Villa Del Leon is located near Malibu in Pacific Palisades, California.

Location: 17948 Porto Marina, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.

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