Reception Bouquet Toss at City Club on Bunker Hill
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Reception Bouquet Toss at City Club on Bunker Hill

The City Club on Bunker Hill has been remodeled since I captured this photograph, but that doesn't make it any less powerful. 

This photograph represents what is perhaps my favorite bouquet toss moment of all time. Although it is not a perfect capture since everyone in the background is not in a perfect position, it still represents everything that is great about photojournalism and wedding photography. Although your I may naturally go to the bride's joyous expression, if you look more closely at each individual in the background, a story is present for all of them. From the bride's father, to the apathetic female guest, to the screaming bridesmaid who is beginning to run out of frame. 

There's so much visual eye candy that is certainly even more special to the bride and groom who personally know each one of these guests. And that's one of the things that makes wedding photography interesting. When you're looking for wedding photographers, you're probably paying close attention to the main subjects in the photographs, namely the bride and groom. However, when I create your wedding photographs, you will not only be looking at you but you will also be paying very close attention to everything occurring in the background — whether it's during a bouquet toss like this photograph or during your wedding processional or recessional.

From a technical perspective this image was captured with on camera flash only. However, I now use off-camera flash for most after dark or interior reception photography coverage and so the light tends to be a bit different in its presentation. However I do enjoy the look of this direct on camera flash as it harkens back to photojournalists and newspaper reportage.

City Club on Bunker Hill is located in Los Angeles, California. Phone: (877) 684-3919. Website: Contact Person: Ernest Nicodemus, (213) 867-7439 x227.

Location: 333 S Grand Ave, 54th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071.

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