Ring Bearer Takes Off During Family Portraits
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Ring Bearer Takes Off During Family Portraits

This Pasadena portrait of a bride, groom, flower girl, and ring bearers at the Annandale Golf Club is representative of what often happens when I'm photographing small children. And I think that's what makes this photograph so incredibly special. My take photographs like these I instruct anyone old enough to understand to keep looking at me and smiling no matter what else is happening in the photograph because invariably the moment that they look down or way is the moment that the "problematic" subject has the perfect smile or expression or position. In this case, this little guy had a mind of his own and wouldn't stay still for a single second. And so every time his parents would place him in the appropriate position and step out of the frame he would follow them immediately. In the end, that work to our advantage as you can see from this example. Although a traditional portrait with him included ribbon wonderful to have, this photograph is a much more powerful conversation starter. Annandale Golf Club is located in Pasadena, California.

Location: 1 N San Rafael Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105.

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