Riverside Mission Inn Hotel & Spa Quirky Wedding Couple
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Riverside Mission Inn Hotel & Spa Quirky Wedding Couple

When I photographed this small Mission Inn Hotel & Spa wedding in Riverside, I would have never guessed that I was about to capture one of my favorite photographs of all time. 

This couple was from Canada and I had booked them over the phone. As they both got ready separately, I got to know them a bit and learn about their personal life. Later, as we walked through the hotel moving between portrait locations, we passed the small gym and I had an idea. Earlier in the day, the bride had mentioned that she was a serious runner. When I asked the groom if he ran too, he laughed derisively. 

If you're familiar with my photography, you can probably guess what happened next. As I love to embrace irony whenever possible in my photography, it was only natural for me to ask the bridegroom to step onto these treadmills and pretend they were running. I gave them direction and asked for intense facial expressions. I honestly didn't initially expect much from this photograph, so we moved on rather quickly. 

In hindsight, I would have love to spend more time working on this image to correct some of the technical issues, however even as it currently stands I love how much personality and story is present here. I'm always willing to take a chance when time permits on a wedding day. Although time is not always in our favor, when it is, I can often create images that are truly fun, quirky, and irreverent.

Mission Inn Hotel & Spa is located in Riverside, California. Phone: (951) 784.0300. Website: http://www.missioninn.com/.

Location: 3696 Main St, Riverside, CA 92501.

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