Santa Monica Beach Bride & Groom in Convertible at Pier
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Santa Monica Beach Bride & Groom in Convertible at Pier

For this Santa Monica wedding, the couple rode between locations in a blue Cadillac convertible. 

And I rode in the front seat. You might think that a photograph like this would be easy to capture — but you would be wrong. Take into consideration first the fact that there is an extremely limited distance between the front seat in the back seat, the fact that the background scenery is typically not very appealing nor does it share the story, and finally the consideration that the light is rarely cooperative in these kinds of situations. I feel lucky that I captured this image as we exited the street running into the Santa Monica Pier. Although the light and this image is certainly not perfect I love the feeling that is evoked by this photograph, particularly the palm trees in the background and the 60's style handkerchief around the bride's hair to keep it from blowing in the wind contrasted with the modern sunglasses.

This photograph has appeared in several publications including Rangefinder Magazine. And of course it also appeared as a double page spread in the couple's wedding album. When your Los Angeles photographer, you always seek images like these that combine the style and personality of the subjects along with the surrounding scenery that you can only see and experience in California.

Santa Monica Beach Pier is located in Santa Monica, California. Phone: (310) 458-8901. Website:

Location: 200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

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