Santa Monica Beach Pier Bride & Groom
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Santa Monica Beach Pier Bride & Groom

One of the key strategies to creating great photos at the Santa Monica Beach Pier is to arrive early before all of the crowds. I photographed this couple on the beach just a few days after their wedding. They had gotten married at a golf course far inland but they loved the Santa Monica beach and so they hired me for a portrait session in their wedding attire. Given this location, it was only natural for me to use the famous pier Ferris wheel and colorful architecture in the background. As an interesting aside, the wooden pilings and bracing of the peer are no more. They have been replaced with concrete pilings. Although I'm sure that the concrete offers better stability and more longevity than the wooden pilings, as a photographer I'm sad to see them go. In terms of the photograph itself, you'll notice the couple is backlight with a soft golden color apparent from the East. If this were a real wedding day, I would never risk a couple so close to the surfline. Random wave could come up at any moment and soak the bride's dress and I far to risk adverse to have that happen to any couple that I am photographing. Santa Monica Beach Pier is located in Santa Monica, California. Phone: (310) 458-8901. Website:

Location: 200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

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