Special Wedding Vows at SmogShoppe Marriage Ceremony
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Special Wedding Vows at SmogShoppe Marriage Ceremony

For this SmogShoppe wedding ceremony, I was fortunate to capture this beautiful expression of the bride as she looked on at her groom as he read his vows. If you zoom into this photo, you'll actually be able to read his words. In the far background is the bride's brother who served as the "man of honor." Whenever couples are planning their wedding and I meet them early on in the process I often encourage them to choose both male and female attendants for their wedding. Tradition would indicate that there would be females for brides and men for grooms but there's no reason to not break tradition and mix your attendance with any gender and simply based that decision on who you love most and who you want to participate in the wedding ceremony. The SmogShoppe is an interesting venue in that is located in an urban area but serves as a green oasis for couples who want to get married there. SmogShoppe (Smog Shop) is located in Los Angeles, California. Phone: (310) 837-3610. Website: http://marvimon.com/smogshoppe.

Location: 2651 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 9003.

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