Table Shots Gone Wild at Lindley-Scott House Reception
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Table Shots Gone Wild at Lindley-Scott House Reception

For this Lindley-Scott House reception, the couple decided to visit each table and asked me to capture a photograph of everyone there. This is not uncommon and it's a great way to make sure that a bridegroom have a photograph with every person that their wedding. Many wedding photographers do not like taking "table shots" but I have no problem with capturing these kinds of portraits — in fact I enjoy them. This particular table was very rowdy and possibly quite intoxicated and so after capturing the traditional portrait of the table, I suggested that everybody should kiss everybody. And this is what happened. I think one thing this particularly amusing about this photograph is it everyone is kissing except the bride and groom. But I guess something could be said that they were simply enjoying the moment and watching their friends do something silly. Lindley-Scott House is located in Azusa, California. Phone: (626) 334-5215. Website:

Location: 720 E Foothill Blvd, Azusa, CA 91702.

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