Wedding Ceremony at Buerge Chapel Los Angeles
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Wedding Ceremony at Buerge Chapel Los Angeles

The Buerge Chapel in Pacific Palisades is a tiny church that likely can only comfortably seat about 50 guests.

It has some unique architecture in that the side of the chapel opens to reveal the great outdoors. It also has an interesting interior post and beam construction that harkens back to something you might expect to see in some quaint mountain cabin in Switzerland.

For this photograph, I want to give a sense of place to the image and so I stood outside, opened the door to the chapel to just the right angle, and then photographed the ceremony through the open door — at least for part of the time. As I was shooting the wedding, I was looking to capture a single moment of emotion. When subjects in a photograph express emotion, it's always more interesting and appealing than simply capturing a documentation of a single scene. During a wedding ceremony though, emotions are not always present — at least not very frequently — and so in this instance I had to wait quite some time for that perfect moment when the bridegroom broke out into laughter. I chose to convert this image to black and white because that helped remove some of the distractions that would've otherwise been present because of the bright colors, particularly the blue door of the chapel.

Buerge Chapel is located in Pacific Palisades, California. Phone: (310) 454-6699. Website:

Location: 925 Haverford Ave, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.

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