Wedding Guests at Legendary Park Plaza in Los Angeles
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Wedding Guests at Legendary Park Plaza in Los Angeles

Capturing a wedding ceremony photograph when it takes place on the lobby steps of the Legendary Park Plaza is no easy task. 

The lighting conditions are very difficult and there is often an issue with back lighting from the windows that are located high above the first landing. However, that difficult set of circumstances led me to look for alternative viewpoints. And so as I stood on the lobby floor before the wedding ceremony, I wondered what the scene would look like in reverse from the position of the bride and groom. 

And so I grabed my cameras and ran up the 40 or so steps needed to gain this perspective. In addition to my trademark symmetry seen here, I like to draw your attention to the solitary figure stand the door at the end of the aisle. I consider it incredibly fortunate that he was standing there, allowing me to provide some sense of scale to the doorway and also create the question as to what he might be waiting for at that location. The grand nature of this room is further emphasized by the murals that are apparent on the ceiling as well as the incredibly huge and intricate chandelier hanging from the center of the room.

Legendary Park Plaza is located in Los Angeles, California. Phone: (213) 381-6300. Website: Contact Person: Trisha Harako, (213) 381-6300 x103,

Location: 607 S Park View St, Los Angeles, CA 90057.

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