Wedding Photography at Huron Substation
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Wedding Photography at Huron Substation

This photograph of Huron Substation provides an excellent glimpse into this popular wedding venue.

This particular wedding photo is also typical of the kind of scene setting wedding photography that I prefer when I'm working with couples. In this example, the couple is relatively small in the scene. However, rather than simply positioning them in the scene, I have them performing an action, in this case walking up the stairs. You'll note that I have the groom assisting the bride. And by having him look back at her, I improve the perceived connection between the two of them. From a visual perspective, most viewers will have their eye bounce back and forth between the large central chandelier and the bride and groom on the wooden stairs—hopefully finally resting on the bride as she is the brightest point in the photograph. Huron Substation is located in Los Angeles, California. Phone: (323) 225-8909. Website:

Location: 2640 Huron St, Los Angeles, CA 90065.

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