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Planning Your Wedding

Planning Your Wedding with Your Photographer

Information detailing wedding planning tips, engagement session information, best wedding venues, top churches, and recommended wedding vendors..

Wedding Tips & Info

Wedding planning tips and advice designed to help make weddings and receptions run smoother helping your wedding photographer to create better photos.

Recommended Wedding Vendors

These recommended vendors have worked with Rob Greer at past wedding events and have done an amazing job making the most of many Los Angeles area venues.

Best Wedding Venues in Los Angeles

Overview of the best wedding venues in Los Angeles from the perspective of a wedding photographer who has photographed weddings at all of these locations.

Top Churches for Wedding Ceremonies in Los Angeles

Detailed overview of the top churches in Los Angeles suitable for wedding ceremonies. These bride and groom favorites include all church denominations.

Working with Florists

Bouquets and boutonnieres are a huge part of your personal decoration on a wedding day so carefully consider how florists may impact your day-of planning.

Your Video Team: Videographer Considerations

Choose a videographer who has a shooting style compatible with Rob Greer to help ensure positive creative energy and the best possible wedding photographs.

Family Friend Photographers

It's not a good idea to hire a family friend, aspiring amateur photographer, or photo school student to photograph your wedding.

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