Wedding Tips & Info

Wedding Tips & Info

Wedding planning tips and advice designed to help make weddings and receptions run smoother helping your wedding photographer to create better photos.

Introduction to Wedding Planning

Scheduling and planning recommendations offered by one of the best wedding photographers in Los Angeles helps ensure a fun and successful event.

Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

Information and tips for brides, grooms, couples, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents who would like to be photographed getting ready on their wedding day.

First Look on Your Wedding Day

Los Angeles wedding photographer Rob Greer shares compelling reasons why a first look and pre-ceremony portraits help ensure a perfect wedding day for all.

Wedding Party Portraits

Relaxed directed portraits is a great way to describe the amazing photographs that Rob Greer will capture of you, your fiancé, and your wedding party.

Wedding Ceremony Planning

Rob Greer's approach to wedding ceremony photography combined with great advice about how to make the most out of this part of your very special day.

Family Portraits on Your Wedding Day

Plan for family portraits by creating a well-organized list and budgeting the appropriate amount of time needed to help your wedding photographer succeed.

Reception Planning Advice

Reception planning advice that helps wedding photographer Rob Greer deliver the amazing photographs you've always dreamed about for your wedding day.

Schedule Recommendations

The perfect wedding day schedule helps ensure that that you have a relaxed, fun time on your wedding day. And it helps your photographer too!

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