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Retouching Wedding Photographs

I prefer delivering relatively natural and authentic wedding photographs over images that are overly retouched.

Wedding Photography Retouching


Selected photographs include images that reflect my best quality of work and represent the most important moments from your wedding. Rejected images may include duplicate or near-duplicate photographs, unflattering images, closed-eye photos, out-of-focus photos, images that reflect negatively on individuals, or photographs that don't meet my minimum standard of quality. 


Corrections include adjusting the color, modifying the exposure, adjusting contrast, and cropping images. This kind of correction provides you with great-looking images. If you need more from your photography, then you might also consider moving forward with retouching. All photographs that I deliver include a basic correction. On request, I'm happy to provide a duplicate set of globally adjusted black and white photos. 


Although the aesthetics of virtually every photograph can be improved with retouching, I tend to lean toward a "less is more" philosophy when it comes to altering the appearance of my subjects.

When retouching album photographs or images that will be printed as fine art, I endeavor to provide the best, most natural retouching possible for the primary celebrants. For albums or fine art prints, retouching is also performed on wedding party members—but to a lesser extent than the primary celebrants. 

However, when the image in question is a "hero" image, greater care is given to wedding party members than might be typical otherwise. To a lesser extent than wedding party members, retouching is performed on immediate family members. Immediately family members typically include parents, grandparents, and guests wearing a corsage or boutonniere. In most cases, other guests receive little retouching attention except when those guests are prominently featured in photos larger than 60 square inches.

It's important to note that artistic judgments are always balanced with the level of difficulty in relation to each concern. In other words, when addressing atypical, extraordinary, or time-consuming concerns, additional retouching fees may apply to specific client-requested adjustments.

The sections below detail common considerations that are typically employed when retouching an album photograph or fine art print. Please note that these lists of retouching considerations are provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered a guarantee of service.





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Advanced Retouching Examples
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