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Houston Wedding Reception Planning

Reception planning advice by Houston wedding photographer includes grand entrance, dances, toasts, meal, cake cutting, bouquet, and garter information.

Sample Schedule

Sample schedule outlines recommendations for entrances, dances, toasts, meals, table photos, cake cutting, bouquet tosses, and garter tosses.

Grand Entrance

The reception grand entrance is a couple's formal introduction to wedding guests and family. The couple is often preceded by the wedding party.

First Dance

Reception first dance information and recommendations for this wedding reception tradition that signals the dance floor opening. Show off your steps!


The hora is a Jewish tradition where guests form a circle, hold hands, and then form concentric circles and perform a loosely choreographed dance.

Parent Dances

Reception parent dances are symbolic traditions. Twirl your parents and I'll create meaningful wedding photographs.

Toasts & Speeches

Amazing reception moments when the wedding couple, parents, the maid of honor, the best man, and friends share beautiful, heartfelt words.


Couples and guests enjoy their meal service undisturbed by wedding photographers—because photographing people eating is never pretty.

Table Photos

Visit each reception table and greet guests formally or informally. Some cultures also encourage table toasts.

Slideshow Recommendations

Pro tips for making your own wedding reception slideshow. Remember that short is better long—at least for slideshows.

Same Day Edit

Avoid same-day edits so your wedding reception doesn't become a photographer or videographer sales tool.

Photo Booth

Reception photo booth locations affect decor and guest participation. Balance wedding celebration needs against your aesthetic preferences.

Cake Cutting

Consider an early cake cutting tradition. Your family members and reception guests—both young and old—will thank you.

Bouquet Toss

Wedding tips help make your reception bouquet toss more memorable. Both classic and modern brides call the single ladies.

Garter Toss

Although some couples don't include garter tosses on their reception, wedding photographers like me still love photographing them. Toss away!


Let your friends, guests, and family show offer their best dance floor moves and I'll be there capturing amazing reception images. Let's dance!