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Cake Cutting

Reception Cake Cutting

After the meal, sometime during the evening, you'll probably observe a cake cutting tradition.

Rather than wait until later in the evening, my recommendation is that you cut your cake soon after dinner. There are several reasons why I offer this advice.

According to some cultures, it's impolite for wedding guests to leave prior to the cake cutting ceremony. Unfortunately, some guests will invariably need to leave your reception early. Many of those folks will then feel embarrassed that they're breaking tradition and will therefore sneak out of your event.

In some instances, some guests will be strongly committed to following proper etiquette will stay at your reception no matter what—even if they would prefer to leave. I can't speak for you, but at my own reception, I'd prefer that my guests have the best possible experience at my event. I'd like them to feel free to come and go as they please, without the constraints of tradition.

In addition to considerations related to the tradition itself, if you serve your cake early, you increase the likelihood that everyone will be present to enjoy dessert. As the night progresses, folks are less likely to be hungry or crave late night sweets as alcohol consumption comes into play.

Additionally, since wedding cake slices are often placed at each table setting regardless of whether or not someone is seated, when guests leave the event or don't return to their table, those cake slices remain uneaten.

Given the expense and thought you've put into your wedding cake, wouldn't you like the cake to be enjoyed by everyone? Therefore, if you serve the cake after dinner, you increase the likelihood that all of your guests will enjoy your wedding cake.

The cake cutting tradition typically takes less than 5 minutes.

Wedding Cake Placement

Your wedding cake placement is quite important. At many weddings I've seen the cake placed on a small table in an unattractive corner of the room. The cake will be featured in many photographs and thus attractive background helps me create better photographs.