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Grand Entrance

Reception Grand Entrance

The grand entrance occurs when you're formally introduced to wedding guests.

You're first presented as a couple after your Houston wedding ceremony. Afterwards, you might casually mingle with guests during your cocktail hour. But the reception grand entrance is your formal introduction for friends and family. It's also a great reminder that it's time to get your party started.

It's common to precede your grand entrance with an introduction of wedding party members. In some cultures, the parents and sponsors also precede couples. The entire grand entrance typically takes less than 5 minutes from beginning to end.

Organize Wedding Party & Family

Help things run smoothly and organize wedding party and family members 15 minutes before the grand entrance. Locating everyone is sometimes difficult, so starting early is smart planning.

Inform your wedding party and parents (if applicable) that they'll be needed 15 minutes before the grand entrance, so they won't wander off when you're getting started.

Your wedding planner or DJ should coordinate your grand entrance participants. Organization is important because your reception timeline may slip if everyone isn't working together. I'll be there listening in as your wedding photographer, but that's his or her rodeo.

Entrance Aisle

When working on your reception floor plan, try and ensure that you have included an aisle wide enough for you and your partner (or wedding party couples) to enter together—side by side—during the grand entrance introductions.

I've seen situations where little or no aisle exists and wedding party members are forced through a slalom course between tables and chairs before they reach the dance floor or head table.