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Reception Hora

If you follow Jewish traditions, you'll probably include a hora in your Houston reception schedule.

If you're not familiar with this dance, guests will form a circle, hold hands, and then step forward and to the right with their left feet, following with their right feet. Their left foot is then then brought back and followed by the right foot.

These movements are done while holding hands and circling as a group in a fast motion to the right. Wedding receptions with many guests often form several concentric circles.

During this dance it's customary for guests to raise the couple on chairs above the group. And when I'm photographing your celebration as your Houston wedding photographer, I'm right in the middle of the mix.

I recommend that the hora follow the first dance and parent dances. Since you're often quite disheveled after a hora, let's just say that I'd prefer to photograph you in a more pristine condition during the more sedate dances. The hora takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes.