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Reception Table Photos

Couples sometimes visit each reception table and greet guests formally or informally.

There are two ways that we can approach this table photo tradition. In some cases, you may ask for a photograph with every person at every table.

This is typically managed by having half of the table stand behind seated guests at the other side of the table. In some cases, large centerpieces can make this photography challenging but there are other posing methods and strategies when your décor prohibits this method.

Alternatively, you may casually mingle with guests at each table, greeting each person individually.

The first method will ensure that you'll have at least one photograph recorded with every wedding guest. The second method is easy-going, but it will yield casual photographs that feature only a fraction of your reception guests.

In terms of time budgeting, for posed table photography, plan to spend at least 3 minutes at each table. If you don't have enough time to visit all of your tables, you can visit tables in order of guest importance. Then you can stop when your schedule demands.