Barbie & Ken: Wedding Portraits

Barbie and Ken recently selected me as their wedding photographer so I was thrilled to get the chance to photograph them this weekend.

Although I’m usually really great at working with my wedding clients, I did have quite a bit of trouble getting different expressions out of them–they always had a plastic look on their faces. And don’t even get me started about how stiff they were (and impossible to pose).

But I did my best and I think they’ll be really happy with these wedding photographs. I know that some of them will make my wedding photographer portfolio!

Barbie’s dress, shoes, makeup, hair, and jewelry are by the fabulous designer Mattel. And did you check out her pink diamond ring; you’d never even know it was a fake!

As a tip for future brides, they saved a ton of money on the reception because they didn’t serve food; Barbie and Ken’s friends don’t eat! And although Barbie was a little disappointed at that detail, she always kept a smile painted on her face to spare Ken’s feelings.

As their wedding photographer, they were truly a pleasure to photograph. Both Barbie and Ken were a little stiff when we began the day but by the end they had loosened quite a bit. Here are a few of my favorites.

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer with Barbie
Check out these madhotsexy™ Christian Louboutin shoes!
Wedding Photographer in Los Angeles
And this ring must have really set Ken back!
Barbie and Ken Wedding
Ken needs to invest in some socks.
Barbie Wedding Veil
Barbie’s piercing blue eyes are truly haunting peering through her veil!
Barbie Shows Joy at Her Wedding
Yippee! Look at my super huge wedding veil!

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