New Year’s Eve Surprise Wedding

I have to start this post by admitting that this was the first surprise wedding. Amanda and Jeff decided that they didn’t want to make a big deal of their wedding so they had a New Year’s Eve party at their home, invited their closest friends and family, and then in the middle of the party announced that they were getting married–right then and there.

Except for those few folks who knew about it, everyone was blown away when it happened. After the wedding and then celebrating the new year at midnight at their home, everyone took a limo ride to Orange Grove Blvd. in Pasadena to view the floats lining up for the Rose Parade.

You’ll note that we started the day at the Rialto Theatre and then moved downtown for some more photographs.

South Pasadena Wedding
Jeff and Amanda wanted to see each other before the wedding so I arranged this “first look” where Jeff saw Amanda in her wedding dress for the first time
Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena
Amanda rented the marquee at the Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena to announce to the world that the were getting married. And of course it made for a nice photo as well.
Disney Hall in Downtown Los Angeles
After taking just a few photos at the Rialto in South Pasadena, we headed over to the Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles for more wedding photographs.
Disney Concert Hall Wedding
I really liked how the dissipating jet contrail in the sky drew a line down to Jeff and Amanda.
Disney Hall Wedding Photographer in Downtown Los Angeles
The sunset light was really working for us at Disney Hall.
Wedding Photographs
Nice dress. Nice suit. Nice flowers.
Los Angeles Wedding Photographer
As you can see here, sometimes I appreciate more subtle reflections.
Wedding Bouquet
My signature wedding bouquet photograph.
Jumping Bride and Groom
Just because …
Sunset Bride and Groom
Smoochy Smoochy
Wedding Couple at Disney Hall
Jeff’s office building wasn’t in sight of Disney Hall so I used some other skyscrapers instead.
Craftsman Home in South Pasadena, California
Jeff and Amanda’s home in South Pasadena, California
Wedding Guests
“Hey. Don’t tell anyone but Amanda and Jeff are getting married tonight!”
Groom Giving Speech
“Ok folks. This is more than just a fun New Year’s Eve party. Amanda and I are getting married. Right now.”
Some people were more surprised than others …
Wedding Ceremony at Home
Jeff’s grandfather, a retired minister, performed the ceremony.
Eating Cupcakes at South Pasadena Wedding
Then Amanda and Jeff enjoyed their cupcakes. Please note that no cupcake smashing was involved.
Happy New Year kiss
Happy New Year!
Rialto Theatre at Night in South Pasadena
On the way to the floats, we stopped the limo at the Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena for a few night photographs under the marquee.
Orange Grove Boulevard on New Year's Day Float Viewing
The organizers of the Rose Parade set up these HUGE lights above the street that lit up everything almost bright as day. I used those lights to backlight Jeff and Amanda as they walked up Orange Grove Boulevard on their way to view the Rose Parade floats.
Bride & Groom in Silhouette
Amanda and Jeff in silhouette. One of my favorite photos from their wedding day.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Surprise Wedding”

  1. It may have been a surprise wedding, but wow was it beautifully thought out! Getting married on New Year’s Eve in Pasadena? How perfect is that? And they just happen to live in a gorgeous Craftsman? And the local theatre marquee and going down to watch the float building afterwards? And then on top of that doing Disney Hall and the downtown skyline? I just can’t imagine a more perfectly Pasadena/LA wedding. And that last image is a knockout!

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