Korakia Pensione Wedding: Palm Springs

Lan & Dean’s wedding was at Korakia Pensione bed and breakfast in Palm Springs, California.

As a Houston wedding photographer, I’m not always presented with lovely locations like the ones found around these restored historic Moroccan and Mediterranean-style villas.

This wedding was a small affair with fewer than 12 guests, but that didn’t stop Lan from pulling out all the stops to make a day to remember! Here are a few of my favorite photos from their wedding event.

Korakia Pensione wedding photographer
I always photograph a bride’s wedding dress hanging somewhere neat, but I think this is my favorite dress photo of all time. I’m thinking that this image may even be worthy of being entered in next year’s WPPI wedding photography competition (in the “Details” category)!
Korakia Pensione wedding photographer
Lan and Dean got ready together in their suite at the Korakia. In my work as a wedding photographer, it’s kind of unusual to have it happen this way. In fact, I don’t think I have any other images of a groom with his bride’s dress in the background.
palm springs wedding photographer
Lan & Dean’s dog dons his bow tie. Well, it’s done for him, but that’s just a technicality.
wine seen by palm springs wedding photographer
Lan & Dean branded their own wine bottles.
palm springs wedding photographer
Yippee! I love jumping on beds in hotel rooms!
palm springs wedding photographer
Dean appears to be pretty happy about those earrings!
contemporary wedding photographer
Hear no evil. Speak no evil. See no evil.
contemporary wedding photographer
Don’t look now, but somebody’s coming. Damn, the neighbors here are noisy! Ooops, I didn’t mean to say he dresses kind of funny!
contemporary wedding photographer
My famous 1, 2, 3, 4. With the “4” missing.
creative wedding photographer
Stop telling me dirty jokes honey!
Korakia wedding photographs
The Moroccan styled pillows were just sitting there so what else is any self-respecting wedding photographer supposed to do?
Korakia wedding photographs
Dean was getting kind of crazy with the veil.
Korakia wedding photographs
Apparently this jumping shot is a tradition with Lan, Dean, and the couple in the photo.
Korakia wedding photographs
Look at how the wind gently lifted her veil to create this special portrait! (or did it?)
Korakia wedding photographs
Bench. Wall. Succulents. Mountains.
Palm Springs California Wedding Photographer
Bougainvillea + Laughter
Bocce Ball Wedding Photographer
Bocce Ball! Just so you know, it was kind of scary squatting there at the end of the court while they threw heavy balls at me! (and believe it or not, the fact that the chairs matched the groom’s wedding colors was purely coincidental)

2 thoughts on “Korakia Pensione Wedding: Palm Springs”

  1. the photos are amazing! they are filled with joy…and great creativity!!!
    wow!!! who is this grown man?!
    xxx linda

  2. I love all the pictures but my favorite is Lan and Dean in front of the little casita with her veil floating in the breeze. Of course I loved the pictures of Bonny and Dick. Lovely, creative photographs. Louise

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