Gamble House Engagement Session

Last weekend I photographed a brief engagement with Amanda and Jeff at the The Gamble House by Greene & Greene.

As their wedding photographer, I was surprised at their initiative in gaining access to this location (along with getting the appropriate permissions) but the location made perfect sense given their love of American Arts and Crafts style architecture.

Pasadena Wedding Photographer at The Gamble House
I felt that including the combination of poinsettias and the signature door to the Gable House established the location and time of year quite nicely.
Pasadena Wedding Photographer
I found the textures and patterns of the shingles to be quite amazing. And Amanda and Jeff really liked kissing each other at every opportunity.
Wedding Photographer in Pasadena
They also had a penchant for spontaneously strolling down the driveway.
Pasadena Wedding Photographer in California
As a Pasadena wedding photographer, I sometimes offer suggestions that elicit funny expressions or actions … but this was all them. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.
Bride and Groom Wedding Jumping Photograph
As my jumping photos have now become world famous (at least in my own mind), few wedding photography clients can resist a jump shot during their engagement session.

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