Walt Disney Concert Hall Wedding Portraits: Ileana & John

Ileana and John asked for a brief wedding portrait session to celebrate their elopement. I suggested that we meet at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Ileana agreed.

As their “wedding photographer” it was really easy to make them look great. Right before we started their session, Ileana told me that she had asked her Mattel Magic 8-Ball if I’d provide them with great photos. The Magic 8-Ball replied, “Very doubtful.” WTF?

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer
This was my favorite image from our session!
LA Wedding Photographer
I call this area of the Walt Disney Concert Hall the hall of mirrors. I wonder what it’s really called. Do you know?
Wedding Photographer in LA
This is one of my favorites spots to photograph folks when I’m working the Walt Disney Concert Hall.
Walt Disney Concert Hall Wedding Portrait
Top of the world Ma!

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