Westlake Village Inn Wedding Photographer

I was super excited that Courtney and Scott selected me as their wedding photographer! And predicted, their wedding day turned out to be really beautiful. It was also particularly nice since it was the first “mild” day of the season.

Both their ceremony and reception were held at the Westlake Village Inn.

Groomsmen - Westlake Village Inn Wedding Photographer
I love the strength seen in this groom and groomsmen photo!
Bridesmaids - Westlake Village Wedding Photographer
And here are the bride and bridesmaids looking madhotsexy™ as the women in blue.
Westlake Village Inn Photographer in Westlake Village
Here we have the bride’s mom sharing a fine photograph with the bride’s aunt and father.
Bride's Uncle at the Westlake Village Inn
The bride’s uncle was a real character. I really wanted his hat!
Wedding Party at the Westlake Village Inn
Here’s the wedding party just before they make that long march down the aisle!
Ceremony at the Westlake Village Inn
We’re married! Blow me some bubbles!
End of Ceremony at the Westlake Village Inn
Scott looks awfully happy walking Courtney back down that aisle.
Another Wedding Photographer at the Westlake Village Inn
When it came time for family portraits, I couldn’t resist allowing this laid back future photojournalist to get some for himself.
Westlake Village, California
We’re walking …
Bride and Groom Kissing in Westlake
We’re kissing …
Los Angeles Wedding Photographer
And we’re laughing.
Wedding Photographer in LA
Scott needed to find Courtney’s bouquet, so while we waiting for his return, I asked to see her happy dance.
Los Angeles Wedding Photographer
Shiny happy people holding hands …
Bride and Groom
“So now that I’m under this veil, what am I supposed to do?”
Mother of the Bride
Scott’s mom likes to tell fun and embarrassing stories.

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