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Wedding Photography Pricing

Choose only those services and products you really need with à la carte wedding pricing.

Los Angeles Wedding Photography Prices


4 hours$2450
5 hours$2950
6 hours$3450
7 hours$3950
8 hours$4450
9 hours$4950
10 hours$5450
11 hours$5950
12 hours$6450
13 hours$6950
14 hours$7450
15 hours$7950

Select me as your wedding photographer and I'll deliver fun, candid, and creative photos that you and your family will cherish forever. Includes:

  • wedding coverage by Rob Greer
  • concurrent coverage by additional photographer
  • about 100 photos per hour
  • photo selection and correction
  • full-size color JPG files
  • full-size black & white JPG files
  • uncurated RAW files also available
  • convenient image downloads
  • photos typically available in 14 days
  • lifetime archival backup
  • unlimited reprint rights forever
  • private online gallery
  • non-disclosure agreement also available
  • free 90-minute post-wedding couple's portrait session in case of rain**
  • love, support, and guidance are always included

Small weddings typically require 6-7 hours of coverage. Large weddings usually need 8-9 hours of coverage. You can hire me for 12 hours, but most clients hire me for 8 hours. If you're not sure how many hours you need, contact me today.


1 hour$675
2 hours$1075
3 hours$1475
4 hours$1875

Whether your elopement is private or public, I'll create emotional and memorable photographs that uniquely document your small celebration. Includes:

  • elopement coverage by Rob Greer
  • full-size color JPG files
  • free black & white JPG files on request
  • RAW files are also available
  • unlimited reprint rights forever
  • long-term archival
  • photo selection and correction
  • about 75 corrected photos per hour
  • online gallery of corrected photographs
  • photos typically downloadable within 14 days
  • non-disclosure agreements are available
  • planning help + guidance are always available

Up to 4 hours of elopement coverage is available Monday through Thursday for up to 20 guests. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday bookings are only accepted for dates less than 6 weeks away. Otherwise, wedding photography pricing applies. Travel fees may also apply.

Engagement Sessions

1 hour$500
2 hours$800
3 hours$1200
4 hours$1600

If you're interested in amazing portraits while wearing something other than your wedding attire, please consider an engagement session. Includes:

  • engagement session coverage by Rob Greer
  • full-size color JPG files
  • free black & white JPG files on request
  • unlimited reprint rights forever
  • photo selection and correction
  • about 100 corrected photos per hour
  • online gallery of corrected photographs
  • photos typically downloadable within 10 days
  • amazing photography + supportive guidance are included

Don't miss my favorite engagement photos. And check out my engagement session overview for more information. Travel fees may apply.


Your Heirloom

These bespoke wedding albums are made of luxurious materials that present your photos as a timeless story. Includes:

  • 12" x 12" hardcover album
  • every album photograph is fully retouched
  • select from hundreds of cover materials
  • made in the USA
  • designed by award-winning album architect Rob Greer

Need more convincing? Check out some detailed album information including my design approach and additional product details.

Parent Albums

for family

Parents and important family members love owning albums featuring your wedding photos.

  • 8" x 8" hardcover album
  • design duplicate of the primary album
  • skinny, rigid pages
  • select from dozens of cover materials
  • made in the USA
  • purchased with the primary album

Like the primary album, parent albums feature high-quality printing and binding, and boast actual photographic prints.

Rehearsal Dinner

2 hours$800
3 hours$1200
4 hours$1600
5 hours$2000
6 hours$2400

Photographic coverage of rehearsal receptions and dinners is also available.

This coverage typically includes casually organized photographs of family groupings, spontaneous photographs of posed guests, candid photos of attendees, and photographs of guests or family members presenting toasts.

Rehearsal dinner coverage requires a 2-hour minimum booking. This service is performed by a single photographer.


1 hour$100
1.5 hours$150
2 hours$200
2.5 hours$250
3 hours$300

Travel fees may apply when driving to venues located more than 20 miles from my west-side home studio. The travel fee is based on the estimated amount of time needed to drive to the first venue and return from the last venue.

The anticipated traffic patterns on that date and at those times are also considered. Travel time is computed using driving information found in Google maps and fees are calculated in 30-minute increments.

In the unlikely scenario where the event schedule requires that the additional photographer drive separately, additional travel time for the additional photographer may also apply.

Wait Time

no coverage
2 hours$200
2.5 hours$250
3 hours$300
3.5 hour$350
4 hours$400

A wait time fee applies when a cessation of coverage is scheduled for 2 or more hours. This situation is most common when a wedding begins in the early morning and then a break of several hours is scheduled where photographic coverage is not required.

Breaks in coverage shorter than 2 hours, the time required to travel between venues, and breaks for meals are considered part of standard concurrent coverage and are not considered wait time. if the wait time is interrupted and coverage continues or begins during that scheduled wait time, then the full hourly rate for services will apply.

Basic Retouching

1 photo$40
5 photos$175
10 photos$300

Retouched photographs are superior to corrected photographs. If there's something basic you want to change in some of your photographs, I can certainly help improve images and make them look better than you ever thought possible.

To learn more about the adjustments typically made to your photographs, please check out some additional information about wedding photography retouching.

Please remember that retouching is automatically included for any photos incorporated in album designs.

Fine Art Prints

matted size
16" x 20"$225
20" x 24"$290
24" x 30"$380
30" x 40"$450

When you'd like to have a photograph to hang above your mantle or pass down to future generations, I offer fine art heirloom-quality photographs that are 8" x 12" photographic prints float mounted on a 16" x 20" 8-ply white rag mat. Larger sizes are also available.

The photographs are printed on semi-gloss Canson Baryta Photographique 310 fine art fiber paper. For the photo's border, you can choose from either a straight-edge border or a deckle edge (i.e. artistically torn) border.

Retouching is included on the photographs you select and the matted print is shipped directly to you, ready to frame.

Retouched Album Files

album files
low res$200

If you'd like to own all of the retouched image files included in your wedding album, they're available for purchase. The low res versions are 1200 pixels on the longest side and are suitable for sharing on social media.

To learn more about adjustments made to album photographs, please check out additional retouching information.

RAW File Set

digital negatives
all photos$750

RAW files refer to uncorrected data files created by modern cameras. For an analog comparison, think of RAW files as digital versions of film negatives.

As additional examples, if you were a writer, these files would be similar to rough drafts of your article or novel. Or, if you were a painter, these would be your unfinished canvases just minutes before your final artistic strokes are applied.

If you'd like to own the original photographic images, I'm one of the few photographers in the world who will offer you access to your RAW files.

As a professional photographer, I set my cameras to capture RAW images instead of JPG images. By choosing RAW format, I can use a powerful computer to make file adjustments instead of allowing my cameras to make complex processing decisions.

Using those RAW files, I can change the color, white balance, exposure, and hundreds of other settings without negatively impacting image quality. If I made those same changes to a JPG original, the overall image quality would suffer.

Once I’ve selected and corrected your RAW files, I save copies of those adjusted files in JPG format. And those copies are what I provide to you. The JPG file represents my interpretation of the ideal corrected image.

By purchasing RAW files, you’ll own the original image data. This will allow you to more easily manipulate your images both now and in the future—especially as image processing software continues to evolve and improve. And since that data is highly malleable, you’ll never face the editing limitations inherent in working with corrected JPG files alone.

Choose the selected option to receive only those files included in your original collection of selected photos. Choose the all photos option to receive the RAW files for every photograph captured on your wedding day. The all photos option includes both selected photographs and discarded photographs.

If you select the all photos option, I provide no warranty as to the quality or quantity of any discarded photos included in the collection. Additionally, the collection will not include any images that may have been deleted in-camera at the event.

RAW photographs have a .NEF or .CR2 filename extension and can only be viewed and edited in special software. The most popular programs used by photographers are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. There are also free RAW file viewers and converters available for download; they all have varying capabilities. Use Google to find the RAW viewer / converter that works best for you.

NOTE: RAW files have no corrections applied and are typically not suitable for printing or electronic display without further corrections or file format conversion. Additional corrections or conversions are not included in this price. Software support related to file viewing or conversions is similarly not included. RAW files are delivered via a 150GB+ USB drive you provide.

Non-Disclosure Agreement


Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) are available for privacy-conscious clients. With a signed NDA, I won't display your photographs, disclose your names, or publicly discuss any information related to your event.

The NDA fee requirement is waived for individuals in undercover law enforcement or in similar positions.

Early File Release

low res$100

When you've purchased an album, full-size JPG files are only released after the album design is approved. If you need your files prior to the album design meeting, you can purchase the Early File Release option and I'll provide you with all of the corrected files immediately.

The low res versions are 1200 pixels on the longest side and are suitable for sharing on social networks.


This section provides detailed information about the products and services described in my pricing information.

JPG Files

The full-size JPG files that represent your corrected photos are always included with your wedding coverage. Those files are delivered in non-watermarked, high quality, full-size JPG format via a download link.

Online Gallery

Every wedding-related project includes an online gallery featuring all of the corrected images from your event. First, the online gallery serves as a convenient way for you to view your photographs anywhere, anytime, on any device.

As an additional benefit, the online gallery allows you to share your images with friends and family after your event. In addition to being able to view the images, visitors may also purchase printed photographs through my online shopping cart.

Selection & Correction

For most events, you'll receive about 100 selected and corrected photos for every hour of coverage. Selected photographs include images that reflect my best quality of work and represent the most important moments from your wedding.

Corrections include adjusting the color, modifying the exposure, adjusting contrast, and cropping images. Rejected images may include duplicate or near-duplicate photographs, unflattering images, closed-eye photos, out-of-focus photos, images that reflect negatively on individuals, or photographs that don't meet my minimum standard of quality.


Availability for specific dates is on a first-come, first-served basis with a 50% retainer due at signing. State sales tax is always collected from Texas residents.

** The free 90-minute portrait session is available only if the entire wedding-day outdoor portraits could not be completed due to rain. The session must occur within one week after the wedding, and any location-specific permits and arrangements must be made by the couple. Travel fees may apply for distances 20+ miles from my downtown Houston studio or my home studio.