Additional Photographer

Additional Photographer: Benefits

I always include a second photographer in standard wedding-day coverage.

Although I can photograph weddings by myself and have done so countless times, as your primary wedding photographer I can't be in two places at once. Therefore, I believe that a second photographer is an invaluable addition to your coverage plan.

When I photograph your wedding, my main focus is on the story of your day and the people attending your event—specifically you and your fiancé, the wedding party, and your family and friends.

Décor & Details

When I work alone, although I'll photograph many scene-setting details, an additional photographer will always have more time to concentrate on those particulars and dedicate significant time to capturing the most important décor and details. Examples of those details include shoes, dresses, flowers, rings, table settings, invitations, food, cakes, venues, and signage.

Wedding Ceremony

Another consideration in favor of a second photographer is realized when we consider your wedding ceremony coverage. If an additional photographer is present during the ceremony, my colleague will be positioned to simultaneously capture photographs from secondary angles. That coverage wouldn't be possible if I was working alone.

And of course, by having two photographers, multiple angles of approach help ensure that important moments aren't missed when the angle of view for one photographer is obscured for any reason.

As an additional benefit, with an additional photographer, I move less during the ceremony which means that I'll be less noticeable to your guests and thus their attention remains on you.


Including an additional photographer also helps me do my best work. If I need a critical piece of equipment, I can send my second photographer to locate that item while I continue my photography.

Likewise, when I'm dehydrated, then that additional photographer can locate refreshments while I continue to photograph your friends and family. And when I'm directing large groups of people, the second photographer is helpful in organizing the participants.


Finally, as I drive to your wedding and between locations, the additional photographer allows me to take advantage of the carpool lanes which can often be a life-saver in our crazy Houston traffic.

It's no idle exaggeration to mention that my additional photographer also performs hundreds of other duties throughout the day that help me make your photographs better.